Description of the trail.
The Rail Trail offers 37 km. of scenic experience.

The route encompasses:
The historic town of Port Fairy.
Rural country side.
Woodlands and native vegetation.
Extensive sea views off Warrnambool.
  Skirts the north of Tower Hill Reserve.
  Extensive wetlands.
  Coastal sand dunes.
  The Merri River.
  Warrnambool breakwater precinct.
The trail is relatively flat, encouraging use by both cyclists and walkers from a wide range of the population regardless of age and physical condition.

Types of Bikes
The trail surface is packed limestone and will be suitable for hybrid cycles, mountain bikes, touring bikes and childrens bikes.

In the town areas the trail is asphalt, allowing use by mobility scooters and the elderly.

Car Parks
Trail heads (car parking areas and information boards) are at Port Fairy, Koroit and Warrnambool.


The $2.2 million Port Fairy - Warrnambool Rail Trail is an initiative of Moyne Shire Council that will generate exciting tourism benefits for the region.

Covering 37 kilometres of scenic rural landscape, the rail trail is a project with outstanding potential.

It passes through farmland in Port Fairy, Koroit, Illowa and Warrnambool and is designed to showcase the rural scenery of the Moyne Shire – an attribute familiar to many, but also very much appreciated by visitors to the region.



The Project

In March 2005 a rail trail feasibility study was prepared after extensive research, a series of workshops, public meetings, and interviews with a mixture of key stakeholders including a number of landowners adjoining the railway corridor.

It outlined how a rail trail would be developed, how much it would cost and the management issues associated with such a trail, along with the conditions that needed to be met to successfully allow the rail trail conversion.

The original railway line was overgrown in places, weeds had taken over, fences had deteriorated and the old bridges have become unusable since the railway ceased operations in 1977. The consulting team compiled a detailed report on the works needed along the reserve to enable use by walkers and cyclists.

These improvements include trail surfacing, fencing and gates, bridge restoration, safe road crossings, signposting and interpretation.


Port Fairy - Warrnambool Rail Trail I PO Box 1388 I Warrnambool I Victoria 3280 I